Building Alliances for Local Economic Development: The DDPKaRoMa Growth Corridor LED Experience

As part of the Knowledge Management for Local Economic Development or KM4LED programming, the Local Government Academy took the initiative to document the efforts of the Alliance through focus group discussions, interviews, and secondary research to validate their LED experience using the five-step LED Process developed by the Local Governance Support Program for Local Economic Development (LGSP-LED).

One Pangasinan Alliance for Local Government Units- OPAL Tourism Documentation

OPAL identified two promising local ecotourism sites: The Bird-Watching program of Bangrin Marine Protected Area of Bani and the Spelunking program of Cacupangan Cave system of Mabini. In its aspiration to promote a culture of learning and knowledge sharing, the Local Governance Support Program for Local Economic Development (LGSP-LED), and the Local Government Academy (LGA) in collaboration with the Local Governance Regional Resource Center 1 (LGRC 1) are bent on initiating working together to document these two potential ecotourism sites.

Conference on Financing Local Economic Development

There is an increasing awareness that local government units have expanded their traditional role, not only as service providers for the public, but as enablers and coordinators of local economic development.   Representatives from DILG, LGA, other NGAs, the academe and private sector; including international and local municipal finance experts met to discuss the issue of LGUs’ access to financing and management of its fiscal resources.

Climate Change Adaptation for Local Economic Development CCA4LED Conference

The conference hopes to achieve more than addressing the effects of climate change on local economic development, but also to prepare and understand the value of investing on strategies to mitigate its impact, in order to fully promote and secure sustainable economic development. The Development Committee, which I was a member of, developed, conceptualized, and wrote the CCA4LED brochure/programme.

Benchmarking the Best Local Economic Development Practices in Asia

This research documentation provides the initial findings on local economic development (LED) practices in the Asia Pacific Region, with a sharp focus on LED strategies and trends found within the Philippine context. With an overview and synthesis of the research, it provides recommendations on the next critical steps in documenting LED.

New Public Management

This paper explores the realities and challenges of public servants in maintaining the ethical values ingrained in traditional bureaucratic models as reforms and inherent changes to public administration take place, such as the introduction of New Public Management.


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