1. Toilets.  Toilets have seat warmers and have bum washers and music to go with it.
  2. It’s a land of vending machines from pop, cold beer, noodles and even hot teas… If you name it, you can vend it.
  3. It’s a web work of trains. Everything is accessible and on time. If you’re late that’s your fault. Can we say bullet trains?!
  4. Best teas in the world. Matcha, milk teas and even our experience in the private tea ceremony in Kyoto.
  5. Rich in history and culture – you can find peace and solace with temples nestled in big cities.. Beautiful zen gardens…The biggest buddha in Nara, or temple in Koyosan.
  6. Food. All the freshly made noodles, baked pastries, Sake, best beer (Kirin, Asahi, Sapporo).. Waffles.. Green tea desserts..
  7. Ancient meets modern – eclectic mix of pop culture and traditional history.. You can find yourself
    In a circus like Dotonbori one day and Koyosan the next..
  8. Popular Japanese brands  from electronics to fashion to beauty.. Toyota .. Yamaha.. Miu Miu.. shishedo.. SK..
  9. The people. Japanese are well mannered, respectful and modest.  They are also fashionable and every time we got lost.. They are always willing to help.  On separate occasions, they literally walked us over to the place we wanted to go to…and returned that 2,000 yen that my friend dropped by accident.  They bow when they give your order and smile politely.
  10. Japan is so clean and the water is sooooo good for our hair and skin..
    No need to lotion.

BONUS…no locks on bicycles.  Yup, no locks people.