Chapter 20: Untitled

A bullet train ran over me. Or at least it felt like it. Pulverizing every ounce of hope? shards of dreams collapsing on my feet, as it sped and shook away to the edge of the night. Standing outside his car door, I stood there in the rain, and told him I was okay. I vowed to never feel that way again.  And I walked away.   Chapter One:   Advertisements Continue reading Chapter 20: Untitled

Untitled: Semiautobiography

Tomorrow is prom night. The much-hyped, long-awaited biggest hurrah of high school was just a few hours away and I had this irrepressible laughter and anxiety gnawing knots in my stomach. Much to my demise, tomorrow seems to be one of the most important days of my life. At least at the time. Even if it wasn’t worth all the preparations, my custom-made golden dress was tailored to fit the vision that inspired me: a canary yellow gown on the red carpet that I ripped out of glossy magazine, worn by some A-lister and so I showed the photo to … Continue reading Untitled: Semiautobiography

On the Mayweather Victory and Why It Doesn’t Matter

Originally posted on Jio F. Deslate:
It really wasn’t about the fight’s result in the end. I’m not sour-graping. Neither am I disregarding the decisions of the judges. Floyd Mayweather did win. He outboxed Manny and — save for a few headlocks and an overuse of clinches — he did this fair and square. He will go down in history as an undefeated boxer who locked horns with the best of them. But that’s not really the story we care about. If the two men hung up their gloves this very day Mayweather’s victory would just be a footnote in the… Continue reading On the Mayweather Victory and Why It Doesn’t Matter