What’s your next big move?

I just left the Philippine Press Club of Ontario event at OISE in Toronto, the first of series that feature Filipino-Canadian journalists in the mainstream media.  It’s purpose was not only to highlight the achievements of Filipinos  in the industry, but more importantly to inspire young, aspiring journalists while providing them some practical advice on how to navigate this already competitive field.  Kris Reyes, of Global’s Morning Show shared her time, her story, and her journey.  She narrowed down her narrative to this:  Her 3 big moves:

  1. Moved back to the Philippines where she studied journalism
  2. Moved to Winnipeg to earn $11 per hour for only 3 days a week after she pretty much called the news editor and asked to give her a shot.  Yes, she didn’t know anybody there, and had no on-air experience.
  3. Moved to leave CityTV after 6 years of reporting with them to travel the world for months.

If there’s anything that I can take away from this, or from my story with Melissa Grelo, is that these women knew exactly what they wanted, and made that “big move” even if  it seemed crazy or against all odds at the time.   I say it’s a mixture of relentless determination and focus, core confidence, and amazing skills that got there where they are now.  I am sure, when I chat with Marivel Taruc from CBC next week, that common thread that they all share, aside from being Filipino, will carry through.

I walked away from this feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and ready to make the next big move.

Thanks for reading! xoxo



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