The Beauty & Ugly of Writing


I’m going to step out of my usual boundaries here:  First, I don’t really blog about me.  As you’ve seen in my posts, either I’m posting about events I’ve covered or contributing to my “Young Professionals with a Global Mindset” series.  So this is probably the first that I’m addressing readers directly about what’s been happening lately.   Second, I have to admit that while I’m glad to be getting paid to write,  I realized I stopped blogging because I was too busy to write for free.

But I might as well give you the rundown on what’s to come:

– I wrote a feature on Jon De Porter, a Toronto-based fashion jewelry designer called ” The Hidden Gem: Uncut”  for Accent Magazine’s September issue.  The Mag is available at Indigo/Chapters so look out for that.

-I’m currently covering Kapisanan’s Annual Kultura Festival, starting with the Bahay Kubo Art Installation at Daniel Spectrum.  Tomorrow’s Philippine Culinary Competition will cap the week-long events.  The Philippine Reporter will publish the article on  the 23rd.

– I’m slated to interview Melissa Grelo of CP24 Breakfast soon (Still working out scheduling).   As you know she’ll be co-hosting  The Social, and well, she’s one of our celebrated Filipina-Canadians.  Her feature will run along  a series dedicated for successful Filipino media/journalists/reporters in Canada.

-I’m in the process of launching my web design group- and so far, there has been some progress.  Slowly but surely.  I think it’s high-time I get my dual business cards.

-AND finally, remember that post I wrote about my TV Pitch?  I think I wrote that when I was out of a job sometime last year.  Well, my brainstorming is finally paying off.  No details yet but let’s just say someone is listening…


Thanks for reading! xoxo



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